Amazing but High Effective Natural Hair Loss Treatments

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Nowadays, Western medication has developed numerous methods for treating hair loss. You can either undergo surgical therapy or use external agents such as growing creams to help grow your hair. However, all of these medical options may cause serious side effects. Any surgical procedure having potential risks and medications inducing possibility of adverse effects can be more terrible than hair loss. In this post, we will discover several traditional natural hair loss treatments from the East. Follow our post to learn ways to handle hair damage without worries about uncomfortable side effects.

Your hair may be dry, brittle and breaking off rather than falling out. Try hot oil treatment prior to washing hair once a week to infuse your damaged hair. Natural warm oil helps moisturize both your scalp and your hair, and thereby stimulates new hair growth and makes existing hair healthier. Simply place a teaspoon or a couple of your favourite oil (coconut or olive oil are usually recommended) in a small glass or metal container. Place this container in a larger bowl containing hot water. Let the container sit in hot water for a few minutes until the oil get warm to a comfortable temperature  and then apply a little oil sparingly to your scalp and massage the scalp gently and stroke it through your hair. Use a shower cap or plastic wrap to cover your hair. Cover it with a warm towel for around fifteen minutes and wash it with shampoo as usual.

If you want to stimulate more blood circulation, add a few drops of herbs having strong smell such as fresh ginger or onion extract or garlic oil. For extra effects, remember to use these kinds of herbs together with spicy herbs such as chili, curry, cinnamon etc. These types of herbs thin the blood, enhance blood circulation and improve your current health status.

Apart from the self-massage you do when you implement hot oil treatment, try professional scalp massage occasionally. Find a spa professional or a masseuse offering natural treatments and ask if you can have a scalp massage which comes with aromatherapy such as lavender massage. This method will increase blood circulation to the scalp and reduce your stress level. As we may know that stress can make your hair fall out. Reducing stress will help prevent hair loss.

In addition, you should also try a healthy diet program and keep yourself well hydrated. Explore different ways to alleviate stress and try to relax more. Ensure that you have enough exercise regularly and spend some time for yourself to rest, meditate and practice yoga if possible daily. Listening to music also helps to rejuvenate yourself. You will notice your hair growing back after practicing these habits for a period.  If you do not, at least you will not be frustrated with your hair loss problem.

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