Can You Avoid Popular Female Pattern Baldness Easily?

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Men are not the only pattern baldness suffers. Pattern baldness also happens to a lot of women. Although there is no perfect treatment for any hair loss condition, acknowledging the symptoms and knowing existing treatment methods can help reduce your hair loss to a minimum. Follow our post to find out more about female pattern baldness.

In general, hair grows from follicles about half an inch monthly. That hair will continue to grow for a period between 2 and 6 years, then rest, and fall out with a new hair growing from its follicle. Baldness occurs when the hairs falling out are not replaced by new hairs.

Although there is no research concluding the proof causes leading to female pattern baldness, researchers have pointed out some vital factors affecting hair conditions. The most important and inevitable factor is natural aging.  A number of your organs will not fully function or stop working as your body ages for example your hair is not able to re-grow after falling off. Another factor is a hormonal change in androgen levels. Androgen is a male sex hormone also found in women, especially when women hit menopause; their head hair will lose more while their facial hair become thicken. Baldness is perhaps because of genes that people inherit from their parents.

Apart from bodily functions, there are other factors negatively affecting your hair loss. You have ruined and broken your hair as a result of twisting or pulling your hair, tough hair treatments, or perhaps hereditary abnormalities.  Hair loss also happens because you have certain types of skin disease or autoimmune disease that scars or otherwise affects your hair follicles. You could have a serious hormonal imbalance like excessive or inadequate thyroid hormones or testosterone. You may have not enough supplies of vitamins such as iron, biotin, or other crucial vitamins. Specific prescription drugs such as beta blockers or chemotherapy can lead to hair loss.  Finally, you might have significant shedding as an unwanted effect to a maternity, important surgical procedure, or sickness.

There are a few symptoms to know if you are having hair loss or female pattern hair loss. Notably, your hair will be thin on the top of your head, usually around your crown. You will however, have the front of your hairline. You may sooner or later drop enough hair to look absolutely or partly similar to male pattern baldness.

Visit your doctors to figure out possible causes and suitable treatment methods for your hair loss condition. Doctors may perform tests based on your symptoms in association with excessive androgen level such as abnormal hair growth underneath your belly button and public area, sudden changes in your period cycle and any enlargement of the clitoris as well as any new pimples. Skin biopsies and blood tests are the two most commonly used tests.

Doctors usually prescribe one of the common medications or combination of treatments. If you are looking for a more permanent method, you can have your hair transplanted. If you are not affordable for hair transplants, you can go with a temporary and less expensive approach such as different hairstyle or a wig that can hide the fact that you are bald.

We have to accept the truth that baldness can happen to not only men but also women. However, the good news for baldness suffers is that there are many studies and effective treatments available to help you cope with it.

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