Do You Know How To Change From Negative To Positive Attitude?

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How to change from Negative to Positive AttitudeHow frequent do you hear people complain that “I can’t do this”? It is very often, isn’t it? Now, time to confess, how frequent have you complained the same thing. “I can’t” is possibly the two of the most negative words in the English language. These two simple words can be a major obstacle to accomplish anything.

If you admit that you continuously complaining “I can’t” (negative attitude), you need to adjust your attitude. Most of the time, “I can’t” truly indicates “I won’t”. Replay in your mind how many times you said that you can’t do something. How many times is it just a small hindrance to achieving your goal, something minor that you will attempt to surmount? Normally, you can get around these minor hindrance to achieve your goal with a little bit of effort. Take a closer look into your current situation and figure out what the obstacles standing in your way to accomplish something, think of alternatives, and you can change from “I can’t” (negative attitude) to “I can” (positive attitude).

Now you have switched to think “I can”, you should go ahead from this point. Undoubtedly, it is advisable to think that you can do something rather than think that you can’t. Nevertheless, “I can” may also be dangerous if you over use it. Now, you are confident that you can do anything. That is great. So now you think “I can”, the question raises “How to do”. Can-do attitude is a good start which is the key to accomplish something. However, belief without action is nothing. At this stage, you can set aside your can-do belief and actually take action to complete it.

The next stage is to think “I will”. This is when you have to identify what you really want to achieve and set your action plan to accomplish it. It means have your written goals and specific steps to achieve it. Take time to think about the action plans for your goals. However, do not just spend time for planning. Avoid running into over planning and over thinking. Set milestone for each stage.

Congratulations! You have reached the “I am” stage. You have surmounted the fear and lacking of actions of “I can’t” stage. In the “I can” stage, you are more confident about what you can do. You have moved on to “I will” stage. Now, you need to look at your action plan and start to do the first step. You finish step by step and you will get closer to your goal. Unexpected hindrance can appear any time on the way. If this happens, keep calm and try to overcome it. Step back for a moment, and look for an alternative to get around them. Keep moving forward and soon you will reach the “I have” stage.

“I have” is the achievement stage. After overcoming all the obstacles and your fear, believing in your ability, listing necessary steps, taking actions, finally you have reached your goals. You have taken a lot of efforts to see your results. Consider some aspects in your life where you can implement these principles. Keep these principles in your mind and keep changing your mind set from “I can’t” to “I have”.

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