How to Build Your Confidence to Achieve Unexpected Successes

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How to Build Your Confidence to Achieve Unexpected SuccessesHow to build your confidence plays an important role in your daily tasks and being successful in your life. You need to build up a certain level of confidence to be successful at anything. This does not mean that you have to tackle everything in your life without fear. Of course there might be aspects that you do not feel as confident as others. Therefore, you need to find out the areas where you need more confidence in order to gain more success.

The first step is to identify your strengths and weaknesses and where you need more confidence to attack your weaknesses. For example, you know that you are not good at public speaking, and you need to overcome that in order to succeed. In this scenario, you need to build up confidence in speaking in front of the crowd.  If you are not confident in cooking a good meal, that definitely does not relate to your public speaking ability. You need to know where you need to improve your level of confidence and where you can disregard when the lack of confidence in that area does not affect your being successful. The key is identifying the right area to improve your confidence level.

Dangerously, lack of confidence can aggravate failure even further. Failure then spawns less confidence, which spawns further failure, which spawns decreased confidence… It is a vicious circle. Lack of confidence and failure are related to each other. They are the negative factors that you need to get rid of to be successful. Thus, the initial crucial factor to build confidence is being successful rather than failure.

You can build up your confidence level from minor successes to major ones. You need to be successful at the beginning to break out of the vicious circle of failure and lack of confidence. Start with a small and achievable goal that requires a little bit of effort. Always tell yourself to achieve that target in a particular time frame, and then set a specific action plan to achieve that goal.

Once you attain that goal, you will have the feeling of success. Go ahead and keep setting yourself more goals including short-term and long-term goals and work towards attaining them. The more success you achieve, the more confident you are. And the more confidence you have, the more success you will get. For example, if you are afraid of speaking in front of people, you can begin to overcome this by working on the lack of confidence. You can find mentors to help you. You also find groups or community that can help you to practice public speaking and thereby build confidence.

Have to clear in your mind that confidence does not mean arrogance. Being confident is a positive attitude, while being arrogant is a negative attitude. Confidence is the feeling that you can trust and believe in the abilities of achieving success. Arrogance is the behaviour that you think you are better than others.

Confidence is a crucial factor in achieving success in any aspect of our lives from business to personal development. Begin by setting yourself small goals, work towards to achieve small successes. Your confidence is built on those small successes. You will then gradually have confidence in all aspects of your life.  Once you are confident enough to achieve success, you can share your experience with others and help them to gain confidence as well.

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