How To Evaluate Your Proper Body Fitness?

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How to evaluate your proper body fitness

Body fitness assessment is the precise way to measure how healthy you are and to determine your physical abilities. Prior to starting to change your current exercise program or adopt a new one, it is significant to know exactly how fit your body is, in order to take it in a right way.

The first parameter needs to be determined is your exact weight. Do not be worry if your weight does not sound healthful as the final number shown on the scale is not the only parameter in accessing your fitness. Other indicators such as your blood pressure, cholesterol level, and triglycerides also significantly affect your health condition. The combination of all of these numbers will provide the physical abilities of your body and help you to decide which fitness program you need to go with.

The next step is to determine your height. It is always good to use a precise weight and height chart to determine what range your body frame falls into in order to start the process.

Calculating Your BMI

Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is a factor relating to your body composition. It possibly provides an instant and quantitative measurement of the condition of your health and body fitness. Calculate exactly your current BMI, write it on a note, post it in a place that you can see it every day.

Targeted Heart Rate

Depending on how old you are, how high you are and what your gender is, you will have a certain targeted heart rate when doing exercise. This heart rate needs to remain unchanged during the workout program. First of all, you need to determine your resting heart rate by placing your pulse on your wrist or neck and measure for 15 seconds. Then take the final number shown on your pulse and multiply it by four to get your actual hear rate per minute.

Your maximum heart rate is the difference of 220 minus your current age. Next, take the maximum heart rate obtained and multiply it by 60% and by 85%. The two numbers will identify the range of the heart rate that you targeted when you do exercise.

Aerobic Fitness

It is not difficult to assess your aerobic fitness. You can conduct the test by walking one mile. Track how long it takes to finish the distance, while recording your heart rate in the period between the middle and at the end of the walk. Ensure that you record all of the numbers.

Muscular Fitness

It is simple to determine precisely how fit your muscles are. You can conduct the test by counting how many pull ups and push ups you can attained at one time. The pull ups could be more challenging to perform than the push up. Nevertheless, both indicators will help to determine your muscle conditions.

Keep a Diary of the Results

It is easier to evaluate the process of your exercise program if you keep a fitness log. This helps you to test and retest yourself during the process. As the levels of your fitness will enhance over time, you can be inspired by recognizing that your health indicators are getting better, which means that you are on the right way to achieve your fitness targets.

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