Is High Intensity Strength Training Useful For Your Muscle Fitness?

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Is High Intensity Strength Training Useful for Muscle Fitness?If you would like build a workout program which is remarkably efficient and worth your time at the gym, besides your current exercises related to cardiovascular, you might consider using a more effective muscle fitness program.

High Intensity Strength Training requires shorter training times at higher intensities. The idea is to save the time you spend in the gym while maintaining the unchanged amount of exercises you do. The main purpose is to make best use of your training by adapting repetitious exercises, the amount of weight lifted, and the duration that the muscle is exposed to strength.

Commonly, you tend to lift heavier weight with less number of repetitions, at an extremely slow pace. This method is usually called “one to failure”, because the aim is to expose the muscle or a group of muscles during each lift nearly to the point of all muscle fatigue. This means it is hard for you to lift the weight one more time.

In general, this kind of High Intensity Strength Training program helps to increase your total muscle mass, making your muscles healthier and bigger. Women who do not want their muscle to look “too bulky” but just good shape and fit can consult with a good trainer who is an expert in this method. So he can tailor a proper training program for each individual’s need.

High Intensity Strength Training is incredibly effective at burning fat, and can speed up your metabolic rate, thereby increases the energy that you burn for the next 24 hours after you complete your exercise. It can be up to four times more effective compared to other training techniques.

The most beneficial aspect of this type of technique is that every session can be completed in only fifteen minutes. Hence, although it can make you almost exhausted, it can be done very quickly. And more importantly, it can easily fit your tight schedule. This technique requires no more than 3 workout sessions per week. Each session has to be at least 48 hours apart so that your body has enough time to rest and recover. During the workout session, each exercise have to be done one after another without rest. All the body parts have to get involved when you do the exercises.

It is very essential to have a personal fitness coach to instruct how to do this kind of training, and teach you during the workout. Perhaps, after several weeks of training with your coach, you may think that “this training is simple, I can do it without the coach”. However, be careful, you may spoil yourself because you are not aware if the weight is lifted fast enough to be effective or the amount of weight lift is too much or too little. In addition, given that you are heading “one to failure”, it is vitally significant to have someone watch over you to guide you in a correct way even if you use a weight machine rather than manual weights.

Since it is advisable to hold on at least 48 hours between your High Intensity Strength Training sessions, you might take into account maximizing your fitness program by including some High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) between the two consecutive intensive workouts. By combining the two methods, you can bring your fitness program to a completely new level.

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