Why not Boost Metabolism for Fast Weight Loss?

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Weight reduction can be easily accelerated if you consume more calories by increasing the metabolic rate. By definition, metabolic rate (MR) is the minimal number of calories your body needs to burn the energy that you have consumed. In particular, if you take 2500 calories every day and consume the same amount for your daily activities, your weight will stay the same. However, if you take 2500 calories every day and consume only 2000 calories each day, you will put on about 1 pound each week.

Your metabolic rate is not a fixed number. You can find there are many techniques to accelerate your metabolic rate, and thereby you will achieve your weight loss goal more quickly.

How to Burn Calories More Rapidly?

There are a number of ways to speed up the metabolic rate. The easiest achievable way is building muscle. The more muscle you build up, the faster your metabolism process is. And therefore you can achieve fast weight loss as you desire. Typically, every additional pound of muscle you have will speed up the rate that your body burn calories by 50% every day. Regular workout such as weight training is able to increase your metabolic rate by 15%. Building muscle activities burn more energy than other types of functional activities (breathing, circulating bloods) inside your body even when you are taking rest. Therefore, you need to burn more calories every time, everywhere, even while you are doing nothing.

If you spend time to do three workout sessions per week (about 20 minutes each session), you will build more muscle and burn more calories. Gradually, your body will quickly get in better shape.

One more solution to increase the metabolic rate is basically to be as much active as possible. Non-stop moving will absolutely help you accelerate the metabolic rate and consume energy faster even when you are taking rest. Boosting your mobility throughout the day does not only mean jogging or running to work. There are several ways in which you can create extra movements in your daily lifestyle;

  • Swinging your legs while you are sitting
  • Tapping your feet
  •  Drumming your fingers
  •  Standing up and stretching your body
  •  Moving around a few minutes
  •  Moving your head forwards and backwards, side to side
  •  Using the toilet up the stairs or far away from your position
  •  Taking the stairs more frequently
  •  Walking all around while having a phone call
  •  Getting into the routine of clenching and releasing your muscles periodically throughout the day
  •  Choosing a parking lot further away from work

Surprisingly, spicy foods especially chili also helps accelerating metabolic rate. Your fat burning capacity may improve by up to 50% for several hours after eating a spicy chili. Other activities such as doing exercise, cycling, gardening, and doing housework can also help burn more calories and therefore contribute to weight reduction.

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